Put some Rock in your pock

Rock-it Pocket has always tried to maintain the reputation that emerged and grew from its original model. That foundation was built on the simple but important values of quality and quality control. The motto/mantra we have always used consists of … Continued

Notes from a Sporting Life May/2016

  I still journal here and there but have no team or anything of course. I wrote this last year, but just saw it (2017) while poking around and somehow seemed interesting, especially based on events that came after, like … Continued

Journal 2001 – Meet me in St. Louis

This part contains some 2017 thoughts thrown in, *********************************************************** THE FIRST PART OF MAY IS PRINTED BELOW Immediately below starts with the first post after the BYU 2001 semi-final, and I must say as I reread that for the first … Continued

DEBACLE in Durango – 2001 – April

Sunday, April 1 We played one of our few Sunday games today, beating Mines 24-9. It was a beautiful day, worthy of April. I need to switch modes from, “How many turtlenecks?” to, “Where’s the sunscreen?” I have a … Continued