Flips Soapbox

RAMBLE ON One of the things that drew me to the sport of lacrosse was that it had familiar pieces of many different games that I already played and loved. There was the contact almost like football. It had the … Continued

Pocket Break-In & Maintenance

            Go here for pocket break in and maintenance guide               * Some tips and guidelines to help keep your pocket perfect * * If your pocket has beautiful shape, … Continued


Memorial day was Memorable. May 31 HEY GRANNY WHEN ARE THEM VITTLES GUNNA BE DUNN? I try as hard as I can to find enough time so I can spend long periods in my tiny little cement pond that … Continued

Chumash Video YouTube

CHUMASH INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO We are pleased to be ‘launch’ing our new Chumash instructional video. We are working on tecnicalities, so one must just copy and paste the web address/url onto one’s browser and you can be a Chumash ‘bowser’. This … Continued

CHEAT SHEET for choosing sticks

HOW TO GET THEM TO THE RIGHT STICK – Questions to ask – Things to consider – Sometimes less is more, but then other times, only more can be more…..  HOW OLD IS KID?  POSITION, style of player.  SIZE – … Continued


  Wednesday, June 10 Take the Load Off Manny, and ya PUT THE LOAD RIGHT ON ME (The Band) I think I am much better at “Monday Morning Quarterback” than I am at predicting and prognosticating. The more I … Continued

Coach’s Journal – 9/30/15

COACH’S JOURNAL September 30 By Flip Naumburg THIS IS NOT EVERY DAY STUFF here on September 29 Well, we just had a ‘Bloody Moon’ (Lunar eclipse), the Pope himself just finished coming to America and then he went … Continued


This is my ‘new’ place to write. It is not always coaching or even lacrosse that is on my mind, but the whole facebook journal thing ain’t IT for me, so I am done with that I think. TOP 3 … Continued