From the famous Clutch family, Brine brings you the Clutch Elite X. In our opinion, this is the best head from the Clutch generation. It is one of the lightest and strongest lacrosse heads in the game. The Clutch Elite X is ideal for the offensive player, but can also be great for face-offs and for the midfielder who needs to play a little defense. Core Tech sidewall, which means the sidewalls are ‘carved’ in order to reduce weight. Surprisingly, this does not risk the durability of the head. We put this head through some extreme tests, and it passed them all with an A. The Clutch Elite X is legal for NCAA, college regulations. If you are playing youth level, then the Clutch Elite (HS) would be a better option. But we know many LXM (long stick midfielder) youth players who like the X version very much.

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