Clutch XSL George RP


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Brine Clutch X Superlight strung with George Rock-it Pocket. The Clutch is a time tested head model used by many top-level players. The George RP is basically the Classic Rock-it Pocket, only lighter in weight with a little less stringing material. The outer leathers are replaced with lighter nylon strings. You can read more extensively about the George on the George description page and the Clutch’s are all over the site. This head with this pocket is legal for ALL levels of play. We recommend the Superlight generation for offensively oriented players, and attack position most. It is very light in weight due to the NOZ nitrogen injection technology. With the George we wanted to lighten the overall pocket weight. The Superlights are NOT recommended for defense or face-off.

Pre-Strung Heads are ready to go and usually ship within 1 business day.

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