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Warrior Regulator HS with Throne Fiber mesh. This Head is not legal for college play.


This Regulator head is specifically geared for players who like their pockets higher up for maximum power. Mid-high sidewall transition to the offset allows for easy higher pocket placement The Regulator uses what Warrior calls LOC-THROAT technology which helps eliminate rattle & adds stability where the handle attaches to the head. Any handle is supposed to fit, but some work/fit better than others. Call Mike at if you want a recommendation for a handle. The Regulator is a stiff head and should take or give a licking and still be pretty much ticking and durable over time. The dye job is our multi-colored speckled all over style with red, white, and blue as the accented colors.

The mesh pocket on this is Fiber Mesh by Throne. The pocket is set middle to mid-high and this head likes the pocket center with the ball in it to be a little higher up in the head than many others. This is fairly stiff mesh as well, but not quite hard mesh stiff, so there is some softness to the new pocket. The mesh has a red strip right in the center diamond and black all the way up and down on both side diamonds. This pocket is trimmed with blue.

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