How To Buy

As the lacrosse market continues to grow, it seems there are endless heads and handles out there to choose from. Every year, each manufacturer comes out with a new line, making it that much more difficult to make a choice.

If you already have a lax head you can get it restrung here: RESTRINGS

Here are some factors and recommendations when choosing your setup. Remember, this is just a guideline for purchase!

Step 1: Pick Your Head

Check out our recommendations below.

Beginner: Warrior Swarm X, Warrior Evo X, STX Viper 2, Brine Blueprint X.

Attack: Epoch Hawk, Warrior Evos, Brine RP3, Gait Torque, STX Surgeon.

Midfield: Warrior Rabil (any), STX Stallion, Brine Clutches, Harrow Crossbow.

Face-off: Warrior Blade Pro, Warrior Blade Pro X6 (college), STX Stallion U 550.

Defense: STX Hammer, Warrior Revo 3X, Brine Triumph.

Browse over to our info section to learn more about heads.

Step 2: Pick Your Pocket

Check out our recommendations below.

Beginner: Classic Rock-it Pocket (RP), Soft Mesh (mid pocket).

Attack: Davis Dog RP, Hybrid RP, Mesh Pockets with (mid or high pocket).

Midfield: Bam RP, George RP, Classic RP, Mesh Pockets with (mid pocket).

Face-off: Hybrid RP, Soft Mesh, Performance Mesh with (mid pockets).

Defense: Pookie Pockets, Mesh Pockets with (low pockets).

Browse over to our info section to learn more about pockets.

Step 3: Pick Your Handle

Check out our recommendations below.

Beginner: Brine F15, STX Sabre.

Attack: Warrior Burn, Epoch Dragonfly, Brine F22, STX Surgeon SC.

Midfield: STX Stallion SC, Warrior Dolomite, Epoch Dragonfly, Gait Ice.

Face-off: Epoch Dragonfly F30, Gait Ice.

Defense: Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond, Epoch Dragonfly R60.

Check out our handle selection here.

Step 4: Put it Together and Play!

We assemble all heads and handles bought through us. Once you have picked out the right combination, you can add on with specialty dye jobs and custom string color. Then we ship it to you and you are ready to go!